Trevor Schlusemann, Market Research Analyst

Whether proofing documents or focused on an intense game of darts, Trevor’s eagleeyes are valued commodity amongst his peers.

As Market Research Specialist, Trevor’s responsibilities include collaborating with and assisting the Avenue M team on all aspects of our marketing and research projects. Trevor’s responsibilities include using techniques ranging from surveys and focus groups to statistical analysis and data mining, market research, evaluation of member preferences and buying habits to help associations more effectively market their programs and services.

Trevor holds a Bachelor of Science in Psychology from Saint Xavier University, and is planning to pursue a PhD in Cognitive Science. He also worked as Lead Research Assistant in the Cognitive Science Laboratory, where he has performed quantitative cognitive research and data analysis. He has been published through his work on political bias and memory distortion and has recently completed work on the efficacy of informative commercials and their impact on memory and real-world application. Trevor was also a Teaching Assistant focusing on physiological psychology courses.

When Trevor is not working on projects for the team, he is striving to make the office a better place, mostly by struggling to tame the office printers.

Outside of work, Trevor enjoys reading, playing video games, and seeking out 90s rock bands that still tour.

Trevor fast facts:

  • He is a growing White Sox fan that aspires to hold season tickets
  • Regards Netflix as a cinematic innovation
  • Measures his coffee consumed in a day by the pot