Show variations of this product. I would like to use microbook for my 3 way active crossover. Performance Synthesizer Fully-fledged digital workstation with synthesis parts, sequencer, effects and video output, 16 individual tracks for different synthesis forms and samplers, Innovative pattern sequencer with infinite pattern length and complex control options for each step, MIDI, CV, Trigger, AudioDesk delivers the power of modern digital audio workstation technology in an easy-to-use, inspiring multitrack recording experience. Two are the high pass and low pass filters that we use to implement the crossover. The MicroBook IIc is an impressively small 5.

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Mickey August 31, Reply. The next feature to mention is the soft microbooi — built into CueMixFX is a metering screen that monitors the signal in a bunch of locations. I communicated with MOTU about this and they replied: The MicroBook is a plug-in device and does not need any software to operate, but with the powerful CueMix FX software that accompanies it, it can “route” each input to one or more outputs, attenuate digital inputs and outputs, mixing, mucrobook of all kinds, sending frequencies pink noise for example to the outputs Programmable outputs provide flexible monitoring options.

Text ratings for this product are available in another language only so far German 5 French 3 Spanish 2 Italian 1. I have to admit, I chuckled to myself for quite a while after figuring out this configuration.

A complete solution Everything you need to make world-class recordings The MicroBook IIc provides simultaneous inputs for a microphone, a guitar, and a keyboard or other stereo line level device. Other products are difficult to compete.


– MicroBook Overview

They report that The Left and Right channels are sampled simultaneously but they are not combined in any way. The MicroBook IIc aluminum alloy chassis is lightweight, yet incredibly sturdy and durable, and designed to withstand the rigors miicrobook the studio, stage, and tour bus. Also the size is just right. I would like to use microbook for my 3 way active crossover. To the bottom of the diagram is the mixer section.

The music player on the computer must be set to feed the Aux channels i. Mix 1 passes the stereo signal unaltered, while Mix 2 is set to merge left and right into a mono signal for use with a subwoofer.

MOTU MicroBook IIc

The oscilloscope is useful mostly when passing test signals through the system. I was in there to get the Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 that I reviewed in our last issue, and they happened to have just gotten the MicroBook II in. What happens in the computer depends on what software you are running — we will see specific examples below. The odd-order components are dB down, and the even-order components almost dB down.

Definitely worth a look.

My power amp requires 1. Always with customised added value for musicians. In the Device Setup menu, select the left and right channels being equalized, and then open up the FFT Analysis screen.


MOTU MicroBook IIc – Thomann UK

Line in Add a keyboard or other line level input on balanced connectors for pristine sound. If you need to record stereo keys, guitar or bass, and vocals, along with hearing your soft synths, this unit will handle the job with ease.

It also sits nicely next to your laptop or desktop computer. The main outs have a 3-LED meter for each channel, which come on at about greenorangeand I use Windows, but its setting the sampling rate does not change for Microbook 2 is worth 48 and can not be changed.

Of course, this will work only to the extent that the equipment under test has worse performance than the MicroBook. To the right are the output channels. Family Guy composer Walter Murphy shares his process.

Thank you for your comment. Recently viewed Nura nuraphone Wireless Headphones self-learning engine built into the nuraphone automatically learns and adapts to your unique hearing, Unique design in-ear and over-ear – excellent bass reproduction, Treble and mids are played via the in-ears and the bass via the membrane, Digitally controlled analog trim You get the best of both worlds: The filter controls on the CueMixFX main screen are small and fiddly to use.