Being a bigger size display it needs to be higher to balance its proportion for ergonomics. This has a lot of data in it I admit, so you may need to study it for a little while to make sense of it all. We’ve already had a look at the feature, and while it works to some degree it does not seem to reach anywhere near the specified DCR. Obviously the WFP could well drop as the U becomes more readily available, but it’s onlt just been released. Combine this with the lack of any true Adobe RGB emulation from the WFP preset, and I don’t really think these two modes are that useable to be honest.

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This utilises response time compensation RTC to boost the response time across grey to grey transitions and the manufacturer quotes the minimum response time for the panel to be 5ms G2G. Any cons, well I haven’t found any yet.

Dynamic contrast ratio involves controlling the backlight of the screen automatically, depending on the content shown on the screen. Being a bigger size display it needs to be higher to balance its proportion for ergonomics.

Dell UltraSharp U 30″ Monitor with PremierColor

The practical use of this is debatable, and in reality very hard to take advantage of. The uniformity of the panel was reasonable. Dell U Your browser does not support inline frames or is currently configured not to display inline frames.

I actually really liked this style of menu and it was easy to use and navigate, and very intuitive.


Good range of ergonomic adjustments available to obtain optimum viewing position. There’s no auto brightness control which I personally think can be useful in changing ambient lighting conditions. Gamma remained accurate as it was well calibrated out of the box at default settings.

And be able to get all info necessary. I know there’s been a lot of complaints about the graininess already but it’s all down to personal taste so I won’t labour the point. This is the ‘movie’ mode which we will talk about a little later on.

Dell UltraSharp U 30″ Widescreen LCD Monitor | eBay

Click for larger images. In bright images, the backlight is increased, and in darker images, it is descreased. LaCie would consider colour fidelity to be excellent now on average, although there were some slight differences in some cases.

The Dell U was tested using the chase test in PixPerAn, a good bit of software for trying to quantify differences in real terms responsiveness between monitors. Again, there was no isntall to the RGB controls in this preset so corrections would be carried out at a graphics card LUT level via the profiling. Let’s take a look at the specs for the U first: It’s a high quality monitor, that looks feels, and functions as such.

This was actually a little ahead of the custom color calibration where average was 0.

I ran the screens side by side and although they were very close, the U did seem to have a slightly del, image in moving scenes and a less pronounced blur. The added 4x USB ports are useful for connecting external devices and it was good to see two on the left hand edge for quick access.


The WFP offers only a This monitor is perfect for texts, no eye or head ache after hours of working.

Dell UltraSharp U3011 30″ Widescreen LCD Monitor

There were some obvious improvements made over the previous Bow in these regards, and certainly when it came to the colour accuracy and performance in those tests. Not sure why it wouldn’t be available in ‘multimedia’ mode to be honest as well, but at least with the U’s added ‘movie’ preset compared with the U and U there is another preset for watching films, and in which the DCR can be activated.

Entering the preset quick launch reveals the above sub-menu. However, these were again more limited than the U with only 1: The screen did become reasonably warm at the top on the back of the display, but nothing too bad. One thing which users found on the original A00 release of the U was that when operating in sRGB and Adobe RGB preset modes, colour gradients showed an odd ‘dithering’ type issue in darker tones.

In January, Dell accidentally leaked a firmware upgrade for the U which disabled the FRC in these two preset modes, and resolved the issue with the dithering artefacts. Colors are not so saturated as on glare displays like Apple Thunderbolt.

The panel itself features a matte Anti Glare AG coating as opposed to any glossy solution.