Future versions will resolve this inconsistency. The list of supported SQL features is provided below: The latest stable version is For your reference, the original is [available here http: This my affect performance. Other properties inherited from Calcite jdbc-connect-string-parameters. All client interaction is performed through this proxy.

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The following examples assume the default constructor of the User class initializes all its attributes to null.

The template is a POJO of the desired entry type, and the attributes which are set on the template jddbc. Powered by Askbot version 0.

JDBC Driver file? – Gigaspaces XAP forum

For more information, see: Many times a class has embedded classes as attributes. Each partition loads the build table from the entire cluster and stores it in memory.

The SpaceDocument object is instantiated by using the type name and properties. Loading data into the space can be done in the following modes: There are several additional query options available.

Partitioning is used when the total number of objects is too big to be stored in a single space.

See more in Logging section. Requires less memory on the client side, but may result in slower performance. When running partitioned space, data is partitioned based on the routing field hash code value into the relevant space.


You can query for attributes within the embedded classes. If there are several classes with the same name but in different packages in the classpath, the full class name needs to be specified by replacing the package separator.

No more data 0: The path to log4j. To recover giyaspaces account, please follow these instructions. To improve performance, it is possible to index one or more attributes for an object. Currently, simplicity is essential during our evaluation of GigaSpaces. Gigaspaces XAP forum requires javascript to work properly, please enable javascript in your browser, here is how. This will make sure the database will not be in the critical path of the application.

JDBC Driver

In this example, we are writing an object to the space with zero delay, 10 seconds to live and write only if the object does not already exist in the space. JDBC Query on subspace space. When a client connects to a space, a proxy is created that holds a connection which implements the space API. So far this feature has been very popular with many of our accounts. Retrieving objects from the space involved network latency and serialization overhead.


SQL Driver

The list of supported SQL features is provided below: For example you can index nested attributes, Nested Maps, Collections, nested attributes within a Collection, free text search and others. This my affect performance. Each attribute of a compound index is called a segment and each segment is described by its path. It is also the most efficient approach in terms of performance.

XAP provides several options for the take operation:. For legacy applications, it may still be easier than porting existing code to leverage the space technology directly.

In this case the persistency done in sync mode. The space maintains additional data for indexed attributes, which shortens the time required to determine a match resulting in improved performance.

They use the distributed tasks to execute the join.