Used-reparable with repro manual. Includes weather-tight aluminum cover. Can be tuned automatically with compatible control circuit or manually from front panel. Above accessories and manual; UCER in vsai- nut-jroine. Bandwidths; 2 MHz sirnultan eous with selectable 20, 75, or Khz; Sweep width Hz to 30 KHz in d steps; rate 1, 3, or 10 sec.

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MX has automatic or manually tunable frequency ranges Does not test like 6B4G in tube tester but performs as well in most circuits, SI 7. Requires VAC 60 Hz; S, 4 lbs ah. Five holes2 ” dia. Includes rugged plastic case, 4.

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Bandwidth 9 KHz; 30 MW audio into ohms. He- quires VAC 60 Hz; 2 lbs. Otherwise we will sond shipping charges collect. May have brown or belqe front panel: Requires three Vp 1?.


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Terminal for wire and “C” coax con Has pf 10 KV vacuum vari -cap variable step-coil. J” dia, 2 I.

Matches 25 ft or longer whip or ft BOMB long-wire antenna to 50 ohm line. Speaker monitors input channel; with manual copy. Low pass 60 db on XI01 range. Use them as intended or for your own special needs. Includes canvas strops; 2 lbs. Inverter output is t: GE Lnute timer; 3 anel 5x6x2. Contains driver and Gearhed stages plus Tx gain control circuit. Hinged with hasp fastners; 23x34x22, 85 lbs sh.

Designed for child’s record player. I 3 for With four switches and 10 foot 8-conductor sh. Use in fountains, solar water or science fair projects; 4″L X 1. With C norma 1-cIoseil thermal cut-out awitch. Spar black rocker; not min: First set of Wfc. Requires S-2 control box available for freq-selcction. Wide voltmeter indicates uv to V rms full scale in 13 ranges. T, Microlech coax switch: Good size for small power supply, amplifier, etc: Two units wired in series will produce VAC output.


Output 1 MW into 50 ohms; Can use T-lj size lump.