The message event type. The message’s subject found in the Subject: The message tracking log is a detailed record of all activity as mail flows through the transport pipeline on Mailbox servers and Edge Transport servers. I am fairly new to scripting. Although the message tracking log explorer is fine for simple searches on a single server, it doesn’t work so well when you want to do wildcard searches, search multiple servers at once, or export data for further analysis. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered.

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Im looking for a way to do the following: A message was sent to a moderated recipient, so the message was sent to the arbitration mailbox for approval. The message tracking log files are text files that contain data in the comma-separated value CSV format.

The Exchange transport component that’s responsible for the event. Lots of good information here. As a bonus, anyway to remove duplicate email addresses?

Message tracking

James-Luo Mar 24, Often you will be running message tracking log searches that return a lot of results. Started by stooredriver Aug 28, Replies: For more information, see Moderated Transport.

Message generated by inbox rules: However, I am not able to get delivery status.


General descriptions of the fields that are used to classify each message tracking event are explained in the following table. Circular logging deletes the oldest log files for a service when either of the following conditions are true:.

Sounds like stkredriver need to research some third party reporting tools and help your compliance team choose one that can be installed to provide them the details they need.

Exchange Message Tracking Event-IDs – Skripte-Blog

A unique identifier for a row in the in the message tracking log. Contains the reason why the message was throttled.

Is there a way to get a single address per storedrier Message tracking logs contain vast amounts of data as messages move through a Mailbox server or Edge Transport server.

Searching Exchange Server Message Tracking Logs with PowerShell

However i see exchange server is still using this old storediver relay however i cannot see anything on the ex to be using the old smtp relay on the other ip. Hello Dpulicate, Need some help related to spam.

I’m at my wits end trying to get this to work. LOAD A message was successfully loaded at boot. We had one user complaining about this and what we found was that she had been creating Rules everytime she wanted to archive a particular mail.


You are welcome to come and post questions and comments about your experience with this software. It is definitely present in our RU1 test environment and appears to be present in our RU2 live environment.

The status values are presented for the recipients in the same order as duuplicate values in the recipient-address field. Resources Latest reviews Search resources.

Internal emails delivery problem due to STOREDRIVER – DUPLICATED event

A shadow message failed stlredriver be created. Hi all, Do you guys know a powershell command to track a message from a specific sender? People that use delegates in my organization tend 20010 be the kind that are important enough to HAVE delegates.

SpaceManSpiff 2, 15 Some of the internal emails not being delivered to the recipients. My company is using ExchangeWindows Server, Outlook Also, does -expandproperty not work for recipients?