If it is, there are two ways of solving the problem. Views Read Edit View history. There are many changes to the SCSI subsystem in 2. Therefore the usb-storage parts of the back-port are not supported. Hardware differences show up particularly with error handling, so do what you can to make your driver break on each kind of controller.

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Most likely because you didn’t configure your system with a USB host controller: All the other entries refer to hcx USB devices and their interfaces.

Please update this article to reflect recent events or newly available information. USB disconnect, address 3 [ Each interface gets its own entry in sysfs and can have its own driver.

A user reported this. If the device works OK at full speed on the same system, after you “rmmod ehci-hcd”, this is likely the problem you’re seeing. EHCI was designed [ by whom? Therefore the usb-storage parts of the back-port are not ehvi.

The “lsusb” output is far more detailed and informative.


Views Read Edit View history. You may have some problem with your PCI setup that’s preventing your USB host controller from getting hardware interrupts. On the expansion card or motherboard controller, this involves much custom logic, with digital logic engines in the motherboard’s controller chip, plus analog circuitry managing the high-speed differential signals.

USB2 trouble: EHCI HCD died

This has been going on since at leastand nobody seems to want to fix it. It might be labelled as USB, or it might ehi more obscure, discussing Plug-n-Play, or having options for various types of operating systems.

I suggest returning the motherboard. I usually set it up so kern. You can tell which kind you have by ehhci of lspci -v grep HCI:. There is a good article on this at this web site http: Some external references are available here and here.

USB2 trouble: EHCI HCD died

Extensible Host Controller Interface. This article’s factual accuracy may be compromised due to out-of-date information. That device is another hub, and ” Is there any software work around, or should I just use a card reader?


Make sure your device is using its own external power supply, or that its battery is fully charged. October 18th, 9. It happens to be a hub, and ” You may find this testing information page to be useful.

The idea is that you should be able to just plug in your device and use it, even if that cuts into sales of Linux sysadmin bibles.

Many Epson printers the does not need a special set of characters sent to the printer for it to use the USB interface. Alternatively, check the Asus website at http: I happen to have 8. If it’s fixed already, keep using that kernel! Why can’t I write to my ZipCD with cdrecord?

HotPlugging is a facility that can load and configure drivers as you plug in your devices. This article has multiple issues.