The American Academy of Pediatrics is one of the most respected sources for high quality continuing medical education for physicians. Yet in today’s world, where individuals are bombarded with communications and new providers are entering the CME field, the organization struggled to sell its programs and services.

Project Overview: Our branding and marketing initiative began with a market research study to help define the AAP’s unique and relevant value by audience segment. We performed an audit and assessment of its marketing and communications to evaluate how and when its logos and messages were being displayed. Next, we created a brand strategy for the entire Division of E-Learning (PediaLink). This was an essential part of the project because new sub-brands and logos were being created every time a new program was launched.

Outcome: Avenue M created a brand hierarchy, developed its core purpose, its voice and tone, and created a branding decision tree to help the organization make decisions in the future. In addition we developed new calls to action, including Thrifty Thursdays. that resulted in a 1700% increase in registrations (that isn’t a typo).