The Convention Industry Council’s (CIC) member organizations represent more than 103500 individuals and 19,500 firms and properties involved in the meetings, conventions and exhibitions industry. In 2012, CIC engaged Avenue M Group to conduct a comprehensive demographic study of the entire CMP population obtain concrete data regarding who holds the CMP designation, their position and influence inside their organizations, and their role within the convention industry. During this engagement, we uncovered the answers to the following questions:

  • Who are CMPs and what is their role within their organizations?
  • What is their purchasing and influencing power based on various demographic factors?
  • What are their past education, course of study and continuing education goals?
  • What specific areas of expertise do CMPs hold and how is that knowledge leveraged by their organizations?
  • How does an interest in investing in their career affect their decision to select and pursue continuing educational offerings?
  • What are CMPs professional interests and career aspirations? What career paths do CMPs typically choose and what do they perceive is needed to achieve their goals (professional development, mentoring programs, etc.)?

At the conclusion of the project, CIC had the concrete data it needed to make both strategic and tactical decisions.