Infineon memory chips GDDR3. Now we’d like to watch monitoring results of the GeForce GT, as this card is equipped with a passive cooling system! But the ASUS device does not do it and the hot air remains inside. That’s why the cooling system is generally very quiet and efficient. The other components are the same. But we shall not tell you everything about it today:

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It looks as though it’s assembled from improvised angle pieces and other materials.

One of them is a top product operating at increased frequencies. That’s too much for the X, I should say. With a powerful combination of the industry’s fastest PCI Express architecture: Installation and Drivers Testbed configuration: Excellent 2D quality, no gripes with its operation even at such high temperatures.

As we can see, the card get extremely hot! But I repeat that it’s truly efficient, the engineers did a good job.

Extreme AX Silencer/TD/M | Graphics Cards | ASUS Global

Andrey Vorobiev anvakams ixbt. And in this case King-Kong is included into the bundle. In fact it’s a XLE. Infineon memory chips GDDR3.

It does not touch the memory chips. Hence the increased frequencies. Excellent 2D quality, no gripes with its operation.


Extreme AX Series | Graafikakaardid | ASUS Eesti

The following cards get the Original Design award February The cooler is not very noisy even under a heavy load, but it still raises its rotational speed. It will last seconds and then the demo should start 3DMark05 1. Samsung GDDR3 memory chips.

Lifting this heatsink ABOVE the card provides a good cooling effect and the rotation capacity allows flexibility in arranging the heatsink inside a PC case for example, the air usually flows past a CPU cooler, so placing a copper pin-fin heatsink of the video card on this way is very useful; besides, the hot air is driven out of a PC case. GeForce GT Interface: GPU temperature is up to 10 degrees lower by stretched wing.

Our reader polls have been showing for years that ASUS accelerators are always held in colossal esteem and authority. This box is of a more traditional ASUS design – a huge box: Its passive cooling system fits well in this case.

But even with the X, the interest to the X XT should not die, as they will coexist sx700 some time and the price is already dropping.

However, all this multitude of screws, nuts, angle pieces hides an interesting system: But we shall not tell you everything about it today: That’s why we are going to scrutinize heat monitoring.


We should also note an important feature – the card can use its own external power supply unit instead of a system PSU. The cooling system is an unfolding heatsink at the back of a card on the GPU. In terms of efficiency and performance, this card would have been the ax7000 powerful single accelerator before the X series.

Isn’t it too high a price asis noiseless operation, while we already came across sterling X cards with passive cooling systems?

ASUS Extreme AX700 Silencer/TD/256M драйверы

There is no need in overhauling the card and equipping it with an expensive unfolding heatsink. Brand and product names mentioned are trademarks of their respective companies. We also saw this device working well in this case by the example of the X from Gigabyte.