Modern Bathroom Mirror to Reflect Impression of Future

I believe that people also think the same way like me and consider bathroom as an important part in a home. Bathroom has several functions that cannot be replaced with any other home parts. In bathroom, there are some parts that should exist. One of the parts is mirror. Usually, mirror presents with bathroom vanity. In modern era, we will try to use new design of mirror in our bathroom.

Take a look at picture number one. This picture shows us about modern bathroom interior design. Modern white tone is dominantly used as the wall painting and bathroom stuff. The modern vanity presents with some nice white sinks and a modern mirror. It also completed with a modern sconce to give us clearer vision. In the corner of the bathroom, we can find a modern glass shower and a bathtub.

In the next second picture, image of modernity can be seen through the existence of future bathroom vanity. It combines wooden material for the drawers and modern white concrete material as countertop. On the huge mirror, we can see an ultra-modern sconce that attached on the wall. Basically, this bathroom is very simple. We, even, can make this bathroom in our own home. Just like the previous picture, we can find a nice glass shower in the corner of the bathroom. However, it is not completed with bathtub. The floor of bathroom uses rustic creamy material. Move to picture number three, we can see incredible interior bathroom design. Modern white wall, plasterboard, and floor are combined with nice laminate wooden material as the wall decoration. The bathroom sink cabinet is has modern shape and made of wooden material. It applies modern mirror and set over the wooden sink countertop. For the floor on the modern shower, elegant black tiles are employed.