Appealing Kids Bedroom Design with Various Bunk Beds Choice

Bunk bed always becomes the favorite for kids. This kind of bedroom furniture could be used for two kids so that you can save the space you have within your house. You only need to design a bedroom for two or more kids inside it.

Now, you can take a look at the solid natural wooden loft bunk bed. This kind of bunk bed design is simpler since the lower side uses a platform bed that is convertible. Thus, the extra bed could be slip inside if it does not need. The red mattress on the bed regarded as a perfect match for the natural wood color.

In the other hand, you can also see a storage bunk bed design which so outstanding. The lower side, which looks like a platform storage bed, seems to be comfortable one. The storage platform feature of it could be used to keep a lot of stuff inside it. Meanwhile, there is a cabinet storage within the bunk bed that could also be sued to keep some stuff too. The colorful design of this bunk bed must be a very good way to make the bedroom looks so beautiful.

The murphy bunk bed design with desk feature on it looks really amazing for kid’s bedroom design. This white bunk bed seems to be a very interesting design of bunk bed that you can have. There is a desk feature that seems to be useful for kids to study. In the other side, there is a small storage that also useful to save a lot of things inside it. Bunk bed for kid’s bedroom is a good way to save up the space and money in designing a bedroom. Even though you still need some other bedroom furniture to complete the design, you can save a lot of money from it. Moreover, there are many innovations for the bunk bed designs too.

Awesome Glass Table Set for an Elegant Dining Room

The glass top dining table is the perfect choice to create a fabulous and elegant dining room design. There are a lot of choices within the different shape, size and design of it. Some of them try to combine it with wooden material so that it looks more eclectic and artistic. However, some of them try to have a metal material to be combined. Here are some of those pictures.

The first one, you can see a round glass top dining table with wooden legs. Even though this dining table is so small, but you can get a very beautiful and elegant looking table with it. The endearing cushioned chairs with round backrest seem to be so interesting match for the round table. The white frame within this dining furniture is the best choice to make an elegant dining room.

The rectangular dining glass table with metal frame is a very durable stuff that you can have for your dining room. This glass top table is not only looks so durable, but also elegant so that it could be a good choice for your contemporary dining room. The black armless chairs within it also looks so comfortable to sit on. Now, try to compare it with another picture. The wooden glass top table with rectangular surface also looks so amazing. With wooden cushioned armless chairs on it makes this dining set becomes so outstanding. The variety of glass top table designs is so various. Either wooden or metal frame that used as the materials could also bring different nuance within the dining room. The wooden one is more flexible for dining room design, while the metal one is more durable and good for contemporary design. However, it is up to you to choose your desired one. Thus, you can bring a very beautiful and elegant looking dining room with a glass top table on it.